“Anyone who says that ethics is at the first place, would support too big of a statement, as there are too many unexpected glitches”

The Urbani Group has been active for years in humanitarian causes. We take care of those who are less fortunate and support many research projects . The first example of our commitment is the creation of the "Giulio Loreti Foundation" which is devoted to providing free medical care. The non-profit (NPO) foundation was founded on the December 4, 2000 by Luca and Francesco Loreti with the support of the whole family. The “Giulio Loreti Foundation” was recognized by the region of Umbria on October 25, 2002, and is headquartered in Campello sul Clitunno, province of Perugia, where the Temple of Clitumnus, one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites, is located. This nonprofit foundation was created by the family in memory of Dr. Giulio Loreti, who died at the early age of 47 years. A great man with a sensitive, generous, and beautiful soul, who showed so much love in his short lifetime; he taught those who had the privilege of knowing him to live with simplicity and to respect others. The greatest lesson taught by Dr. Loreti was the profound attention given to those who needed it the most, those who were the most vulnerable, of whom he recognized the social value.

Remembering him and pursuing his principles are the primary objectives of the Foundation, by offering financial assistance to people who are unable to pay for medical care. Today, the foundation is chaired by Professor Valerio Di Carlo, former Chairman of the Department of Surgery at San Raffaele teaching Hospital in Milan, who carries out all Foundation activities along with Olga Urbani and her husband Sandro Loreti. In addition to the Foundation, Urbani Tartufi supports numerous other philanthropic activities every year. It makes donations on behalf of employees who excel for professionalism and dedication, sponsoring international children in need. Lately Urbani sponsored a postgraduate course on "Communication Sciences" for the social workers of CEIS, Therapeutic Community for Addicts of Spoleto, in the province of Perugia. In addition, Urbani has made donations for retinoblastoma research, a cancer of genetic nature affecting the eyes of newborns, to several orphanages in Umbria, including Cascia and Assisi, and to several ONPI in Umbria (institutional care for elderly), such as the institute "San Paolo" of Spoleto and Foligno. Recently it also supported various rehabilitation activities for prisoners of Spoleto's High Security Prison.

"Help others achieve their dreams and you will achieve yours"

Nothing makes us feel more proud of ourselves than helping other people live at their best. Both our truffle production and our philantropic activities aim at creating value and health benefits for as many people as we can.