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A New Year's Resolution: Cook More!

09 January 2020

What’s the most wonderful time of the year? Correct, it’s the winter holiday season! We not only like it for the opportunity to have some rest from the office, see all our family gathered at the Christmas table or re-watch all the favorite snowy movies. Most of us wait for the New Year to finally start a new life, get new habits and become better.

Writing New Year’s resolutions does not guarantee that all of them will be strictly followed, but they definitely help to organize the thoughts and understand the main priorities for yourself at the moment.

So, here is our resolution: in 2020 we will cook more! And we challenge you to join.

To help us start, let’s think about the simplest, yet delicious, winter recipe.

A Truffle Pasta:
– Take some egg pasta (if there’s no such – take any)
– 5 cloves garlic (minced)
– Fresh cracked black pepper
– Fresh Parmigiano cheese (grated)

For the truffles ingredient, you can either get the fresh truffles (25 grams black winter truffle or 10 grams white truffle) or get some Urbani Truffle Salt, which is more affordable and will still add unique truffle flavor to the dish.

Another option is to use your favorite fresh mushrooms or one of the decadent Urbani Truffle sauces. Ready to use out of the can, it’s the perfect option for those not familiar with truffle cooking. By the way, it will be the most gorgeous present for anyone sharing your New Year culinary resolutions.

Cook pasta according to the package till al dente. Get the pan and saute the garlic & mushrooms with truffle sauce. Then add the pasta and stir a bit. Add the pepper and the truffle salt (if that was your choice). Done! When serving, grate Parmigiano Reggiano cheese on top and that’s the step to add fresh truffle as well.

Now you have a plan to follow, so just go for it. Have a wonderful January!