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20 July 2019

Aaron Meneghelli oversees the entire culinary program for Carneros Resort and Spa. Meneghelli’s focus is managing the seasonally changing menus to complement the region of Carneros Resort and Spa’s location for all of the restaurants, including the private Hilltop Dining Room; the sophisticated wine country restaurant FARM; local favorite The Boon Fly Café; the upscale prepared foods space, MARKET; the culinary garden program; and all catering and room service for the resort. Meneghelli returned to Carneros Resort and Spa with more than a decade of top-tier culinary experience in both hotels and standalone restaurants. “I am excited to be a part of Carneros Resort and Spa again. The ability to do what I love in my home town is something I do not take for granted. The food in the Bay Area is among the best food in the world. Our local purveyors along with our gardens allow us to be a part of the growth of Northern California’s cuisine, I am excited to see the growth within our culinary community.”