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Bianchetto Truffle - Alba White Truffle’s Little Cousin

28 March 2019

Being not as famous as its bigger cousin, the legendary White Alba Truffle, the Bianchetto truffle (aka Italian spring white truffle) offers quite a similar flavor. It is impossible to describe to someone who hasn’t had an Italian white truffle before, but is often referred to as sharp, earthy, garlicky or even cheesy.

Most truffle lovers know these cuties, but if you haven’t heard of them before – we are happy to guide you through.

Urbani Truffles is the world’s oldest and largest truffle company, and the biggest distributor in North America. Urbani’s truffle market dominance is so strongly established, in fact, that some chefs like to joke that the company runs a “truffle mafia.” Well, not far from the truth!

Each year, Urbani imports an incredible amount of white, black winter, black summer, Burgundy, Australian black winter and Bianchetto truffle.

The outer skin of Fresh Whitish or Bianchetto Truffle is smooth, dark white and – depending on the degree of ripeness and area of harvesting – can become a dark orange colour; the flesh (gleba) is pale ochre with veins that are initially white and tend to turn red as they ripen. The aroma is pleasant at first, but becomes strong and garlicky. The flavour is very sharp and intense.

Bianchetto truffle season generally follows the end of white Alba season (January to April), so if you missed Albas, no need to despair…you’re probably just in time for the Bianchetto!

Urbani tip: Raw, they have a sharp taste but when added to a fat like Cream, Butter or Oil, the flavor becomes closer to that of the rarified White Italian Truffle.

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