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Hosting a Chic Oscar Night Party

11 February 2019

Luxury, glamor, gloss are the first things that come to mind at the mention of Hollywood. And sometimes everyone wants to feel like a world movie star. Isn’t that a reason to host an Oscar-style party? Grab all your film-buff friends and host the best awards party of the year!

We are revealing all the secrets how to quickly and easily organize a chic Oscar Night party. Follow our tips to make you party worthy of Hollywood’s top stars!


Party invitations

The main film awards ceremony of the year implies personalized invitations. Therefore, it also makes sense to send invitations to your guests a few weeks before the party. It goes without saying that the invitation cards should correspond to the party style and set the tone. In order to arouse interest, consider one of these invitation ideas:

     – tickets like in a movie theater;

     – mini posters;

     – film frames;

     – clapperboard.

An important note: don’t forget to specify the dress code.




     – It is more than appropriate to use red and gold colors in the decor. In fact these colors are primarily associated with the ceremony itself. Add some Oscar figures to create entourage.

     – Of course, an integral attribute of such grand event is the fancy red carpet. No Hollywood party is complete without it.

     – You can pleasantly surprise your guests by depicting them on posters in the celebrities’ roles. Also paste gold stars with guest’s names on the floor, so you will have your own Walk of Fame.

     – Prepare the photozone, since taking pictures before ceremony is an important part of the event.



Your task is to create an informal atmosphere that will allow everyone to relax and surrender to communication. In this case, the format of the buffet with some light appetizers and delicious small bites is perfect.

Food and drink must comply with the general theme of the party. Sure, this is the night to break out the caviar and keep the champagne flowing. But if you want to surprise your guests, go with some truffle appetizers!

Truffles are considered one of the most popular delicacies in the world. Its unique taste will give chic to your buffet and your guests will appreciate well-thought-out  menu.

Our suggestions are:

     – Truffle Canapés, using ready-to-use Urbani Truffle Thrills

     – Truffle Grilled Cheese Sandwich Bites, using Urbani Truffle Cream Cheese

     – Smoked Salmon Canapés with Urbani Truffle Cream Cheese

     – Truffle Custard with Crab and Caviar, using finishing Urbani Truffle Oil

     – Urbani Truffle Chocolate BonBons

Also you can prepare Oscar-themed candy bar with cake pops and cupcakes. Don’t forget about sparkling wines!



A fascinating scenario with a lot of fun games and competitions will remain in the guests’ memory longer than a banal party, albeit surrounded by chic decorations. The presentation of awards to winners in various nominations is ideally suited to the theme of the party. At the end of the evening you can arrange a firework and award each guest with an Oscar figure which will remind everyone about this fabulous night!