20 july 2019


Born in Riccione and raised in Bologna, Michele is an eclectic Italian Executive Chef & Entrepreneur. Operating in New York City since 2008, founder of 4 Piccolo Cafe and the newborn “Lucciola” Executive Chef of the BiograFilm Food Academy based in Bologna , Advisor & Partner of Iwonder Pictures, distribution and film production venture, based… Read more »

20 july 2019


Matthew Accarrino is the nationally recognized executive chef of SPQR in San Francisco. Born in the Midwest and raised on the East Coast, he moved west to California in 2007. He had originally hoped to become a professional cyclist until a leg injury turned his passion for cooking into a career. Today, he is doing… Read more »

20 july 2019


Fabrizio Facchini, with his wife Samira, has been the a Chef and Owner of the small Boutique Hotel And Restaurant “Antico Borgo in Arcevia, Le Marche Region” in Italy since 2009. Father of four wonderful kids, he has been recognized and published in the Michelin Italy Guide since 2012 and other prestigious guides, magazines, press and… Read more »

20 july 2019


As Executive Chef of New York City’s elite Core club, Davide Venturini infuses his modern Italian cuisine with a rustic twist he attributes to growing up on the Italian countryside. Venturini began his culinary career at London’s Michelin-starred Assaggi in 2008, serving as the Commis Chef before being promoted to Demi Chef de Partie. With… Read more »

20 july 2019

BENOIT CORNET – Ambassador

A native of France, Benoit Cornet found culinary inspiration in his mother’s kitchen. Here, he cultivated his passion for cooking. Cornet delved into the industry in 2003 in La Rochelle, France where he studied the hotel and restaurant industry. His first role in the kitchen was as a commis chef at the one Michelin starred… Read more »

20 july 2019


Aaron Meneghelli oversees the entire culinary program for Carneros Resort and Spa. Meneghelli’s focus is managing the seasonally changing menus to complement the region of Carneros Resort and Spa’s location for all of the restaurants, including the private Hilltop Dining Room; the sophisticated wine country restaurant FARM; local favorite The Boon Fly Café; the upscale… Read more »

15 june 2019

Father’s Day Grilling

Fathers are our superheroes. They spend time and effort to make their families comfortable and happy, often sacrificing some personal wellness for the sake of their children, spouses and parents. And every superhero needs to be praised and shown some gratitude. Luckily, there is a special day which can be reserved in your calendar for… Read more »

15 april 2019

Spot the Difference: Mozzarella vs Burrata

If you are a real fan of Italian cuisine, then you probably know that the products in the subjects are different, each with its own specific taste and flavour. For all the others, this article will explain the nature of both cheeses, which will help in your Italian cooking nights for sure.   Mozzarella  … Read more »

28 march 2019

Bianchetto Truffle – Alba White Truffle’s Little Cousin

Being not as famous as its bigger cousin, the legendary White Alba Truffle, the Bianchetto truffle (aka Italian spring white truffle) offers quite a similar flavor. It is impossible to describe to someone who hasn’t had an Italian white truffle before, but is often referred to as sharp, earthy, garlicky or even cheesy. Most truffle… Read more »

11 february 2019

Hosting a Chic Oscar Night Party

Luxury, glamor, gloss are the first things that come to mind at the mention of Hollywood. And sometimes everyone wants to feel like a world movie star. Isn’t that a reason to host an Oscar-style party? Grab all your film-buff friends and host the best awards party of the year! We are revealing all the… Read more »

11 february 2019

The Ultimate Valentine’s Day Ideas

We’ve seen pink and red balloons, mounds of chocolate, and bushels of roses at every corner bodega, which means Valentine’s Day is right around the corner.   Love is considered to be the most beautiful feeling in the world and a sense of life for many people on our planet. When you are in love… Read more »

7 february 2019

Urbani Truffles for Dine Magazine

Vittorio Giordano, Vice President of Urbani Truffles USA had a conversation with Sara Waxman of Dine Magazine on the rising popularity of truffles, Urbani’s presence in Canada and Truffle Lab NYC. Read here: https://www.dinemagazine.com/in-conversation-with-vittorio-giordano-of-urbani-truffles/