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Spot the Difference: Mozzarella vs Burrata

15 April 2019

If you are a real fan of Italian cuisine, then you probably know that the products in the subjects are different, each with its own specific taste and flavour. For all the others, this article will explain the nature of both cheeses, which will help in your Italian cooking nights for sure.




Mozzarella is a cheese that comes from Southern Italy. It is a type of “pulled curd” or “pasta filata” cheese. What does it mean? It means that the cheese flavour can be named as milky and delicate. It’s explained by the fact that it is made from cow or water buffalo milk.


Mozzarella’s texture is elastic, it’s a semi-soft cheese eaten fresh. Normally, you do not wait for it to age, it is best consumed right after being made (though, it can be stored up to a week before the taste starts to worsen). The ‘pasta filata’ process implies that the cheese curds are soaked in hot water or hot whey to soften and thus get an elastic structure.


And do not forget about using Mozzarella in cooking: it is a wonderful and essential ingredient for pizzas, lasagnas, and sometimes pastas.




Burrata looks pretty much similar to Mozzarella, because (surprise) it is actually made of fresh Mozzarella cheese and cream. In Italian, “burrata” means “buttered”, which describes the difference between these two cheeses pretty well.


So, basically, Burrata’s outer curd is solid and made from fresh mozzarella, which is formed into a hollow pouch, and it is filled with a soft, stringy curd and fresh cream. So, unlike Mozzarella, Burrata is a ‘filled’ type of cheese.


The cheese has a milky, buttery flavor, very rich and delicious.


Burrata is served fresh as well. This helps to enjoy the best part of the meal: cut the burrata open and watch how the creamy insides spill out onto the rest of your meal. Yumm!


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