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Urbani Tartufi among the greats chosen by Panorama d'Italia

07 October 2015

Urbani Tartufi, Olio Monini, Solgenia e QFP. These are “the Greats” chosen by Panorama d’Italia (a series of events organized by the popular magazine in the most important cities of Bel Paese) to attend the convention that was held in Spoleto. Panorama’s Director, Giorgio Mulé, was present.

The meeting was about the great companies who made Spoleto and Italy popular and, especially, how they managed to stay successful despite the economic crisis. Olga Urbani was there representing Urbani Tartufi, and when she was asked by Mulé where she sees her company in 10-years time, she said: “I would like to expand to China and see truffles be part of the Chinese culture”.