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 Use coupon code MUSH18 to get 25% OFF on ALL Urbani Mushrooms (dried and frozen).




If you buy Fresh Black Summer Truffle, you will receive Truffle Thrills "Black Truffles and Mushroom" as a gift. 
The number of cans you will receive depends on the quantity of truffle purchased, more specifically:

N.B. Please, remember that you don't have to put the Truffle Thrills in the cart: the cans will be automatically dispatched with your order.




If your cart contains Fresh Summer Truffle or Caviar you receive an automatic 20% OFF on ALL other products like Cream and Sauces, Vinegar, Truffle butter, Truffle oil,  Truffle Burger and the new Truffle Burrata.  ALL products except: gift bags, classes and events and mushrooms.



How to use discount codes

Discounts  codes can not be combined: you can use only one discount code per order. 


1) Register or login. Choose products and add in your cart
2) Visit your shopping cart page
3) Insert the discount code (for example: blackfriday) in the field "Discount Codes" as picture, and click "apply coupon".
4) the system calculates the discount and apply it to your cart
5) Then click on "proceed to checkout"

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