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5 Food Splurge Gifts To Give Yourself

17 December 2020

In order to follow CDC advice and curtail large holiday gatherings, many people are becoming resigned to scaled down celebrations. But that doesn’t have to mean deprivation. Even if they aren’t inviting others over to share festive culinary offerings, they can order them as treats for themselves. After the year we’ve all had, a few splurges, financial or caloric, are definitely in order.

Stone crabs from the Florida Keys have a limited season, October to May, and they can vary in quality especially if they’re frozen. The stone crabs gathered daily by Miami-based Fresh Stone Crabs in the middle Keys are never frozen and it would be hard to find any that are sweeter or more tender. The claws are available in different sizes, medium to colossal, and arrive cooked, cracked so you don’t have to hack at them yourself and with a mustard sauce for dipping. Free delivery is offered in the Miami area and overnight shipping is available elsewhere in the continental U.S. (prices vary by size: three pounds of colossal size, enough to feed two for dinner: $225).

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