Truffle Lab NYC brings new creative experiences to truffle lovers in the heart of New York City

Truffle Lab NYC is the Urbani Family’s latest challenge that has proven to be one of a kind. The Lab is a test kitchen that also serves as an event space and tasting kitchen that hosts workshops, classes, and food events. These classes and events help give its students the opportunity to make restaurant-style dishes at home. Thanks to our partnership with City-Cooking West End we can offer these unique cooking classes right from our Truffle Lab located in the Upper West Side of New York City.

As leading Truffle sellers worldwide, Urbani’s commitment to excellence resonates throughout the Lab. This standard is highlighted in the Lab’s state-of-the art kitchen design. Since its creation, Truffle Lab NYC has gained a significant amount of attention from NYC Chef’s and Foodies. Truffle Lab NYC has also gained a lot of traction on social networks, which is an amazingly versatile platform that is used to promote cooking classes and events.