This unique "marriage" has created a wide variety of really surprising and innovative events, considering the traditional parameters for display, sale and food tastings. Urbani and Eataly joined forces worldwide not only with the formula of retail, but also with a revolutionary formula in food service that provides for a "democratization" of the truffle, by creating in every Eataly in the world "Urbani Truffle Bars", for consumers to experience truffle-based recipes in an informal environment. In these corners delicious recipes can be tasted, all of them featuring truffles, and all very authentic, following closely the old recipes of the Italian cuisine of the past. In these restaurants, not only specialties with Urbani truffles are delicious and affordable to everyone, but also the meal is not too long, to meet the needs of modern times, where many diners no longer want to sit at the table for hours and spend a fortune.

The displays of Urbani products on Eataly shelves are captivating, offering a wide choice of products: from whole truffles to sauces, from a line of porcini mushrooms of excellent quality, to chocolates with real black or white truffle. Clients also have the opportunity to taste free of charge the products before purchasing them.

Not only sales, not just restaurants featuring truffle by Eataly, but also a culture of truffles: Urbani, in fact, has organized cooking classes in some Eataly shops around the world where guests are also given some history and basic scientific information on truffles, uses and recipes, in addition to tasting some of the signature dishes. Below see the various Eataly locations in Italy and worldwide. Future openings: Seoul (South Korea), New York (New World Trade Center-USA), Moscow (Russia), London (UK), Paris (France).