In order to come back to men’s first noble job: agriculture. It is a large nursery locat­ed in Scheggino, Umbria: it produces myc­orrhized plants for truffle cultivation with a revolutionary method. New truffle plants that grow among endless natural truff­ieres that have been there for centuries instead, and need new strength. It’s oaks, hazels and hornbeams, being taken care of by loving and experienced hands.

They are then planted outside and, for five years, they silently linger, absorbing all the nour­ishment, waiting patiently for the earth to ripen them. The result of the anticipation is the truffle, unique and scented food, a miracle of nature. Truffleland exports them in the world, as only the Urbanis can. It puts its own technique, knowledge and emotions in the project. The rest is done by the earth, and the sun adds in what is lacking.

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