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12 september 2023

Truffle brand releases organic product formulations

NEW YORK — Urbani Truffles, a manufacturer of truffle, mushroom and caviar products, has added a line of organic truffle-infused offerings. The lineup ranges across several categories and expands upon Urbani’s existing portfolio of premium truffle toppings and sauces. Products include white truffle salt, black truffle honey, both black and white truffle olive oils and… Read more »

8 september 2023

Notable New Products: Sloppy Joseph Sauce & White Truffle Potato Chips

Urbani Truffles Urbani Truffles has released an organic range of truffle-infused snacks and pantry staples including Black Truffle Sauce, White Truffle Sauce, Black Truffle Honey, Summer Truffle Carpaccio, Porcini Mushrooms Sauce, Black Truffle Extra Virgin Olive Oil, White Truffle Extra Virgin Olive Oil and White Truffle Potato Chips. The line is Non-GMO Project verified and… Read more »

19 may 2023

Why Are Truffles So Expensive?

In 2014, a 4.16 pound white truffle—the so-called “World’s Largest”—sold at a Sotheby’s auction for $61,250. It was actually a bargain price for the over-sized fungus: That year’s large crop, a result of abundant rain in Italy, had seen wholesale prices drop by 50 percent from the two previous ago. In 2016, Mental Floss spoke… Read more »

19 may 2023

The Truly Ancient Origins Of Truffles

In modern days, many of us light up when we see a truffle item on the menu. Seeing our favorite brand of infused oil go on sale is a triumph. But you might be surprised to know that the subterranean fungus inspired the same ecstasy in our ancient ancestors. The first truffles to be eaten… Read more »

19 may 2023

Mother’s Day Guide: The Best Italian Specialty Food Gifts

Your mother, wife, daughter, or BFF doesn’t have to be Italian to appreciate a Mother’s Day Gift of authentic Italian foods. We scoured some of our favorite online specialty food sites to curate a list of authentic food gifts that will be appreciated by anyone who loves Italian cuisine or Italian cooking. (Reminder: Mother’s Day… Read more »

21 december 2022

Growing Consumption of Truffles Due to Their High Nutritional Benefits Paving the Way for it’s Producers

Global demand for truffles is forecasted to propel at a CAGR of 8.9% from 2023 to 2033. At present, the global truffles market stands at US$ 340 million and is estimated to reach a market size of US$ 800 million by the end of 2033. Research study on the global Truffles industry covering worldwide operations… Read more »

21 december 2022

What Are Truffle Mushrooms—and Why Are They So Expensive?

Several years ago I enjoyed a fancy multi-course meal with one standout dish I still dream about: truffle risotto. It was my first experience with truffles (and legit risotto, for that matter), and I savored every last bite. Fast forward to a couple of weeks ago, and I accomplished another culinary goal by cooking with… Read more »

24 november 2021

Is Bubbly Going Bust? Welcome to the Champagne Drought

Diners and drinkers who appreciate the finest fare are in for a rude awakening this Thanksgiving and holiday season: an unprecedented shortage of high-end beef, white truffles, and champagne. Purveyors in all three categories say those who are hoping to entertain this season should consider stocking up now if they can find the goods. Read… Read more »

25 october 2021

Truffle prices are at an all-time high — and restaurants are gobbling them up

It’s truffle season — and prices for the prized tubers have gotten more astronomical than ever. A pound of white truffles — the most rare and sought-after, rooted up by keen-nosed dogs and pigs in northern Italy’s Piedmont region — have lately hit all-time highs between $4,500 and $5,000 a pound at wholesale. Read More

20 october 2021

The Great White Truffle Crisis of 2021

White truffle season is kicking into action, as slices of the sought-after tuber start raining down on plates of pasta and risotto around the world. This year, however, the steady flow of truffles to the U.S. is threatened like everything from oatmeal to scallops. Prices are skyrocketing in 2021, making the luxury product too expensive…… Read more »

30 june 2021

Parmigiano Reggiano Consortium and Urbani Truffles Announce the Black Truffle Festival 2021

The specialty sector is gearing up for a unique and exciting event, as the Parmigiano Reggiano Consortium recently teamed up with Urbani Truffles to launch the highly anticipated Black Truffle Festival 2021, which kicked off on June 26 and will run until July 4. During the festival, participating restaurants in New York, Miami, Boston, Washington… Read more »

27 june 2021

Love Truffles? A Festival Dedicated To This Fantastic Fungi Is Happening Now In Miami

Truffle lovers, listen up: This year, the Parmigiano Reggiano Consortium has partnered with Urbani Truffles, the leading global purveyor of fresh truffles and truffle products, is bringing its Black Truffle Festival to Miami. Urbani Truffles has a long history in the field of truffles, mushrooms, and truffle products, and is considered one of the leading… Read more »