20 january 2020

Game Day Recipes for Super Bowl Party

The Super Bowl phenomenon has become so huge in the last few decades that we wanted to talk about it as well. Many of us wait for those first days of February yearly to enjoy the Big Game and some tasty snacks. It is always a pleasure to share the fun with your close ones… Read more »

9 january 2020

A New Year’s Resolution: Cook More!

What’s the most wonderful time of the year? Correct, it’s the winter holiday season! We not only like it for the opportunity to have some rest from the office, see all our family gathered at the Christmas table or re-watch all the favorite snowy movies. Most of us wait for the New Year to finally… Read more »

9 november 2019

Everything There Is To Know About White Truffle

A few thousand dollars a pound seems like a lot to pay for a mushroom. It does. But we are talking about the diamonds of gastronomy in the middle of White Truffle Festival, the time of year when the rare fungi are showered on dishes, signifying luxury even to the most jaded palates. Italian jewel, the… Read more »

29 october 2019

Urbani’s Fall Favorites

Fall is a perfect time of year to be in the kitchen and try new recipes. The days are getting shorter, the air will soon be getting cooler, and it’s finally starting to feel like the right time to crank up our ovens and invite some friends over. So we’ve gathered our favorite Urbani products… Read more »

26 september 2019

Truffle Hunting 101

You probably know truffles as the thing that makes that entree expensive, but these tubers, often worth more than gold by weight, are pricey for a reason: they are really hard to find.    So next time you meet a truffle hunter, smile and greet because these guys deserve a serious salute.    Truffles grow… Read more »

26 september 2019

Back to School: Easy Truffle Recipes for Fall

September is here and school is back in session. As the kids heading back to lessons, many parents are looking for easy but nutritious snacks and meals. And you know, delicious meals don’t have to be difficult. Some of the tastiest recipes are the simplest. Below are a few of Urbani’s favorite Back-to-School recipes for… Read more »

19 august 2019

Truffle Grilling for Labor Day

  Labor Day is our last real chance to spend a weekday grilling steaks, veggies and seafood and whatever else tickles our fancy before summer starts to turn to fall. So let’s make it count.   Considering this might very well be your last summer cookout, you want to make it extra special. These recipes… Read more »

23 july 2019

Summer Recipes with a Truffle Twist

When we hear the word “truffle”, the first association for most of us is “something of haute cuisine, difficult to get and cook”. However, what would you say if we insist that it’s not true? If we say that you can enjoy the delicious truffle flavour with no overcomplication, in an easy and affordable way? … Read more »

23 july 2019

Truffle 101

It is expensive, seasonal, and has an exceptional, unique flavor. It is an important attribute of the restaurant menu and it has not fallen out of cooking fashion for centuries. Yes, we are talking about the royal mushroom — truffle.   True truffles are a rare delight and not an opportunity to be missed. Each… Read more »

20 july 2019


Born in Riccione and raised in Bologna, Michele is an eclectic Italian Executive Chef & Entrepreneur. Operating in New York City since 2008, founder of 4 Piccolo Cafe and the newborn “Lucciola” Executive Chef of the BiograFilm Food Academy based in Bologna , Advisor & Partner of Iwonder Pictures, distribution and film production venture, based… Read more »

20 july 2019


Matthew Accarrino is the nationally recognized executive chef of SPQR in San Francisco. Born in the Midwest and raised on the East Coast, he moved west to California in 2007. He had originally hoped to become a professional cyclist until a leg injury turned his passion for cooking into a career. Today, he is doing… Read more »

20 july 2019


Fabrizio Facchini, with his wife Samira, has been the a Chef and Owner of the small Boutique Hotel And Restaurant “Antico Borgo in Arcevia, Le Marche Region” in Italy since 2009. He has been recognized and published in the Michelin Italy Guide since 2012 and other prestigious guides, magazines, press and food blogs around over… Read more »