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Are precious white truffles worth the hype — and the price?

27 November 2018

It’s high-spending heaven for lovers of white truffles. The aromatic uber-tubers, in season from October through December, are better, more abundant and cheaper than last year’s mostly miserable crop.

But “cheaper” is relative. Ordering white truffles in a restaurant can be a minefield of unpleasant surprises. Your wallet might shrink as your waistline explodes. And not all white truffles are created equal — paying attention to freshness, size and place of origin can make the difference between blissful memories and the feeling that you got ripped off.

Prized for their inimitably rich and rugged flavor, white truffles are the ultimate indulgence to celebrate the holidays, reward your spouse or lover, or just stuff your face with a deep-earth essence like no other. This year’s bumper crop is “just hitting its peak in terms of aroma and flavor,” Porter House executive chef Michael Lomonaco, who’s “been around white truffles almost all my life,” tells The Post.

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