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Urbani Truffles – A Heritage Italian Truffle Company

24 March 2017

What began as Carlo Urbani’s passion for truffles, has become a global family business of high quality Italian truffles, that is now into its sixth generation; still based in its original location in Scheggino (Spoleto) Umbria, Italy. Through the continued investment of love, passion and education in the craft of truffle hunting, the company is now a valuable resource to both the local community and the global market.

Despite being in an industry that is still based around techniques used 2000 years ago, Urbani has steadily produced new ideas and innovations –such as the famed Urbani Accademia, a learning center for chefs and truffle lovers alike – in order to maintain ownership of a staggering 70% of the world’s truffle production. Olga Urbani, the current owner and manager, has played a role in the business since she was a baby. Olga shares what it takes to balance running a family-owned local business with an international company reaching over 65 countries.

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